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What is Discord?

Discord is a VoIP software that also allows for text chat and some file/photo sharing. Check out the Wikipedia's article for more info.

How do I join?

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SoFurry's Discord Welcome Channel

Install the software from Discord's webpage

Once it's installed visit the SF Join link and you'll be linked to the SF Discord.

Visit the #introduction channel first and introduce yourself! (Your name, a short intro about yourself, your age, and your SF user name)

After you introduce yourself, one of our mods will add you to the members group and you will be able to access all the text channels. If you are just joining our server and you haven't been added to the members role even after your introduction, please poke one of our Administrators or Moderators here on discord, they will assist you accessing all the channels.


  • Do not offend people on racial traits, ethnic origin or sexuality.
  • Do not join private rooms without asking people which are currently occupying the room if that is okay first. (People might be having a private conversation.)
  • Do not disturb people in channels, if you want to join a game, join the channel and ask people or message them, if you are not playing that game or you are playing another one, please take it to another channel so to not interfere with others.
  • Do not use adult content for avatars and do not post adult content in clean chat. If you want to hold conversation on topics not suitable for minors, please use the NSFW text or voice channel.

You are free to express your opinion on every topic held in the channels, try to be polite, respectful and reserved where topic is sensitive and might conflict with the rules.