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Working With Folders

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Working with Folders

The exact use varies a bit between different media but the basics are the same. In this example moving an image will be illustrated. The image on the right shows the locations of the features discussed.

  • Log in to SoFurry.
  • Click your avatar in the top right of the header to bring up your user page.
  • Select the type of media you wish to move. (Stories, Artwork or Photos)
  • Select the work you wish to move.
  • The work will appear.
  • Click the Edit button under your user name in the top left of the submission page. (1)
  • On the Edit Submission page their is a link titled Add to folder (2) on the left. Click it to bring up the Choose Folder form. (Note: You can move the form around the page by grabbing it's title.)
  • To move a submission to your home folder select the radio button next to / (shown). (3) To select an existing folder select the radio button next to the name of the folder you wish the work to be in or select New Folder and enter in the name of a folder to create.
  • Click the OK button on the form to move the work.

Note: If you wish to rename or delete a folder first click on the folder you wish to change. When the new form appears click the Delete folder or the Rename folder button. Deleting a folder with files (stories / artwork etc...) will not delete the files. They will simply return to your home '/' directory.

Note: You can change the order that a work appears in a folder by grabbing the title of the work (4) in the Edit Submission form and dragging to the new position.