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The Chat Tour

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The SoFurry 2.0 Chat Interface

SoFurry has a fully integrated live chat feature that is currently in beta, but open to the public. This article discusses the various features of the chat and how to use them. The image to the right shows the Sofurry 2.0 chat interface as of the time of this writing. The numbers correspond to the features discussed below.

The first thing you need to know about the SoFurry chat are the rules. To get the most out of the chat feature everyone should be aware of the rules and consequences of not following them. (Typically a warning then a ban from the chat for a specific period of time.)

Note: As an anti-spam measure, new accounts must wait 24 hours before using the chat feature of SoFurry. See the New Account Restrictions article for more information.

You should also check out the individual room rules (4) by visiting them before posting and always follow the advice and instructions from the helpers, moderators and administrators. These furs are here to help you and to make sure the site is enjoyable for everyone.

  • When you first connect to the chat you will generally enter in the SoFurry Lobby. Their is a list of the most common rooms on the left hand side of the screen called the room list (8) you can click on any one of the rooms listed there to switch the room chat panel (9) to that room or click the join another room button at the top (1) to find other rooms that are available to you. (This list will vary depending on the groups that you belong to as well as your the content level you have set in your user settings.)
  • You can depart the current room your in by clicking on the leave room button (2).
  • Clicking the clear history button will clear out the history of all the rooms listed in the room list (8).
  • You can check out any specific rules (such as what is or is not allowed) in a room by clicking the show room rules (4) button.
  • If you are in a dark room or just prefer light text on a dark background, clicking the cozy mode button (6) with 'invert' the main screen colors.
  • The toggle header button (6) will show the room name the chat panel (9) is displaying at the top of the screen, but reduces the size of the main part of the screen.
  • The refresh button (7) attempts to reload the room list (8), chat panel (9) and user list (10).
  • On the left hand side of the screen is the room list (8). If a number appears in brackets before the room name their have been that number of messages posted to the room since you last viewed it in the chat panel (9).
  • Current room chat is displayed in the center panel (9).
  • On the right hand side of the page a whos ('WHO iS') list (10) displaying the users in the current room. Administrators are listed at the top followed by moderators, helpers then general users. If you click on a user name in the list their name will appear in entry / command line (11) followed by a colon. Entering text after that is the standard way of addressing someone in the room. If you wish to whisper (Send a message not visible to the general room) you can click the >> symbol in front of the name and /whisper Username| will appear in the entry / command line (11). Type your message after that to send a message that will appear to that user only. (Note: The other user must have whisper set for them to be able to hear your message. See the User Settings - Chat article for more information.)
  • The entry / command line (11) is in the center at the bottom of the browser. This is where you enter in your conversations or commands for the current chat room. For a list of commands see below.
  • Click the send button (12) to send your comment or command to the server.
  • When the Auto Scroll check box (13) is marked, the main room chat panel (9) will automatically scroll when new messages arrive.

User Commands

Following is a list of the commands the chat server will accept and their use.

  • /me message This command emotes a message to the room.
  • /whisper user | message Sends a private message to the user.
  • /brb time Lets the room know you will 'be right back'. The time parameter is optional.
  • /afk time Lets the room know you are 'away from the keyboard'. The time parameter is optional.
  • /away time Sets your status as away. The time parameter is optional.
  • /busy time Sets your status as busy. The time parameter is optional.
  • /back time Sets your status as back. The time parameter is optional.
  • /ignore user Turns off or ignores any posts or whispers from user. Use this if someone is bothering you.
  • /unignore user Restores your ability to see posts from user.
  • /createroom roomname Creates a new private room and joins you to it.
  • /invite user Invites a user to come to the private room. Note: You can not invite anyone to a room who blocked you! Also if you leave a private room that you created, someone who's still in the room will have to invite you back in. If the room is empty just create a new one. Room names do not have to be unique, you can use any room name you like.

Moderation commands

  • /warn user | message
  • /ban user | ban length | optional reason
  • /kick user | optional reason
  • /ageban user | current age | optional reason

Time examples: +1 day, +2 week, 10 September 2013, next Monday

Formating Your Posts

You can use all of the tags and codes that you normally can on SoFurry such as bold text, posting formated links, even embedding images and You-tube videos by using BBCode. A few words of warning however:

  • Make sure the content is is appropriate to the level of the room - clean stuff for clean rooms, adult stuff may be posted in adult rooms.
  • If your post is adult it is always better to post a warning and a link rather than embedding the image. Aka [NSFW] :
  • Don't spam the room with excessive images, or annoying formats.
  • If someone asks you to stop, do so. This is their chat room as well!

When there is a problem

Because the nature of chat is live, there are a few things that you can do if you see or are involved in something that you believe might be a problem. Here are a few guidelines that will help both you and the moderators:

  • Remember the rules and follow them.
  • Copy and paste what is going on into PM and send it to the appropriate moderator.
  • Administrators, Moderators and Help Staff can not be everywhere at once! Give them time, they may be helping someone else or busy elsewhere.
  • Let the moderators sort it out, that's why they're here.
  • Feel free to check, but do not post in the recent moderations threads. The RM forum is for moderators only to post to. (See the info thread.)

I've tried to encapsulate the basics here but I suggest you have a look over Graeme's forum posts How to help the chat moderators and How to report a problem as well as what to do if you have been banned. Most of what is written here is based off his wisdom and from the feedback therein. :)