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What are Banners?

Banners are the image that show at the top of the pages

Uploading Your Own Custom Banner

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Setting Custom Banners

This section deals with custom banners for SoFurry 2.0. The image to the right shows the locations of the features discussed below.

First some info. Banners come in two styles (Adult and All Ages) and two sizes (Standard & Mega). The banners appear to your visitors at the top of your user page. All banners must be properly tagged and in PNG, JPG, or GIF format.

  • Standard Banners should be 728x90 pixels.
  • Mega Banners should be at least 1024x200 pixels and the wider the better! (Note: Only the top 200 pixels of the image will be displayed.)

So how do you use them?

  • Log in to SoFurry and float your mouse over your avatar in the top right of the header. In the menu that appears select settings.(1)
  • Click the Banners link below your avatar on the settings page. (2)
  • Select the style of banner you wish to upload (3) on the banners page and click the upload new banner button (4). Your browser will open a form for you to select your new banner. Choose your file and click Open. (5) (Note: Your File Upload dialog form will probably look slightly different than the image.)
  • If your banner contains adult content click the toggle link so that it says adults rather than all ages. (6)
  • You can delete a banner by clicking the delete link under the banner you wish to remove. (6)

In summary: Don't forget to select what type of banner you want to use in your profile settings. If you upload a megabanner but only the small banners show up, check your settings, chances are it's still set to use the normal banners.

Current Banners

Previous Banners

Here you can find a listing of all of the previous banners used on the SoFurry.