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The following settings effect what parts of your account you allow others (including web bots) to view on SoFurry.

  • Profile visibility: (Everyone can see my profile, Guests can only see submissions on profile, Only registered users can see profile) Everyone can see my profile - This setting allows everyone (including web bots) to see the features of your profile you have enabled. This allows bots like Google to index everything in your profile. Guests can only see submissions on profile - This allows unregistered visitors (and bots) to only see your submissions. (Not your profile description, sex, mateship status and so on.) Only registered users can see profile - This prevents guests and web bots from viewing (and indexing) your userpage. For additional information see Profile Visibility
  • Enable my Activities: (Yes / No) This feature is currently under development. Please see Pale's Wiki entry on Activities for more information.
  • Deactivate Friend Requests: (Yes / No) This setting determines whether or not you accept friend requests.
  • Hide my favorites from others: (Yes / No) Set this to No if you don't want others to see a list of what submissions on SoFurry you have favored.