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  • This feature is currently being implemented
  • This feature is only available in SoFurry 2.0 and is disabled by default
  • Due to the experimental nature of this feature, the tracked activities and the way they are handled are subject to change. Please keep yourself informed by visiting this article occassionally.

Activities enable your friends to see what you have been up to on the site, e.g. which submissions you adore, who you become friends with and which milestones you have reached.

Below you'll find a list of activities that are being tracked if the feature is enabled.

  • The basic tracking condition is that you have enabled activities in the site settings. You are the [user].
  • The basic visibility condition is that you are friend with the user who is causing the respective activity. You are the visitor.

There are however a few activities that require additional conditions to be met both to be tracked at all and to be visible. If an activity condition differs from the basic rules mentioned above, we've left a note in the "Special Tracking Condition" and "Special Visibility Condition" columns.

ActivityMessageSpecial Tracking ConditionSpecial Visibility Condition
Upload[user] has uploaded the new submission [submissionName]
Favorite[user] has favored the submission [submissionName]
What's Up?Something's up at [user]'s place: [message]
New Friend[user] and [newFriend] are now friends[user] and [newFriend] have enabled activities.
Friendship broken[user] and [formerFriend] are not friends anymore[user] and [formerFriend] have enabled activities.Visitor is friend with [user] and [formerFriend].
Comment[user] commented on [artist]'s submission [submissionName][user] has commented on the actual submission, and didn't reply to another comment
Profile change[user] has changed his/her profile
New Watch[user] is now watching [watchedPerson]
Removed Watch[user] is not watching [watchedPerson] anymore
10 Watchers[user] now has 10 watchers
50 Watchers[user] now has 50 watchers
100 Watchers[user] now has 100 watchers
200 Watchers[user] now has 200 watchers
500 Watchers[user] now has 500 watchers
1000 Watchers[user] now has 1000 watchers


Our demand is to leave your actions on this site as unattributed as possible, and even though this article is subject to change as mentioned at the very top, we'll keep to make sure that the "Activity" feature requires your active participation to be, and stay, enabled. SoFurry will not track your activities if you don't allow it to do so.