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== SoFurry Version 2.0! ==
Q: Where is the FAQ for version 2.0? A: [[FAQ 2.0]]<br />
Q: Is the Old SoFurry FAQ still available? A: [[Old FAQ]]
== Main Site ==
[[Q: How does search work?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I search only stories?]]<br />
[[Q: What does the CumCounter do?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I enable/disable the CumCounter?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I browse to the next picture while viewing?]]<br />
[[Q: Is there an app for my mobile phone?]]<br />
[[Q: I'm a developer, can I access sofurry via some API?]]<br />
[[Q: I heard sofurry.com has some alternate domain names, what are they?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I put an avatar-link to another user into my comment/submission?]]<br />
[[Q: I wanna link to another submission via thumbnail in my text/description, how do I do that?]]<br />
[[Q: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?]]<br />
== Profiles ==
[[Q: How do avatars work and how many can I have?]]
== Uploading ==
[[Q: How do I upload?]]<br />
[[Q: What filetypes are supported?]]<br />
[[Q: How do tags work?]]<br />
[[Q: What's a content level, and which one should I chose?]]<br />
[[Q: Can I upload other people's works?]]<br />
[[Q: Can I upload something just for myself/close friends?]]<br />
[[Q: Can I upload something just for groups I chose?]]<br />
[[Q: My story is empty! I copy&pasted it but it uploads as a blank story!!]]
== Removing ==
[[Q: How do I delete/remove?]]<br />
== Folders ==
[[Q: How do I create a folder?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I put something in a folder?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I browse a folder?]]<br />
[[Q: Can I reorder stories/pictures within a folder?]]<br />
== Groups ==
[[Q: What are groups and what do they do for me?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I join a group?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I create a group?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I put a picture I found into a group's favorite gallery?]]<br />
[[Q: Where can I see the favorites of all groups I'm a member of?]]<br />
== Watches and Favorites ==
[[Q: How do I watch/unwatch an artist?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I fav/unfav a submission?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I browse my favorites?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I browse my watchlist?]]<br />
== Commissions ==
[[Q: What is the commission system, what can it do for me?]]<br />
[[Q: I bought a commission on sofurry, now what?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I create a commission offer?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I manually enter a commission sold elsewhere?]]<br />
[[Q: How can I manage commissions I bought elsewhere?]]<br />
[[Q: Do I need to buy commissions on sofurry to use the commission system?]]<br />
== Forums ==
[[Q: Can I create my own forums?]]<br />
[[Q: How do I make a private forum?]]<br />
[[Q: Who moderates public and private forums?]]<br />
[[Q: How does posting work?]]<br />
== Chat ==
[[Q: Can I create my own chat?]]<br />
[[Q: What chat commands are available?]]<br />
[[Q: Can I join the chat via something other than a webbrowser?]]<br />
== Copyright ==
[[Q: What can I upload here?]]<br />
[[Q: Can I upload art of my character I commissioned from an artist?]]<br />
[[Q: Can I upload art I found somewhere?]]<br />
[[Q: Why don't you let people upload art they found elsewhere, and just put up a DNP-list?]]<br />
[[Q: Can I upload someone else's art if I give them credit?]]<br />
[[Q: Can I post trademarked characters?]]<br />
[[Q: Can I post copyrighted characters?]]<br />
[[Q: Can characters even be copyrighted? Some say they can't!]]<br />
[[Q: I made a parody of someone else's character, it's fair use, will SoFurry allow that?]]<br />

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