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This page deals with the new-format REST API being developed as part of SoFurry NEXT. For documentation on the current "v3" API, please see SoFurry_REST_APIs.

About the API

The api runs on lumen, is classic json/rest, at the domain name api.sofurrybeta.com. It should always be accessed over HTTPS.

Making a simple API request

GET request sample


POST for login to create a session, get a token

API Routes

This table contains all the methods and URLs that the API currently supports. For more information on using a particular route, simply go through to that route's page.

Unauthenticated API Routes
Route Parameters Description
GET / Returns the version of the API
POST /login email, password Validates the supplied credentials and returns an authentication token that should be used for all future requests
POST /activate activate_token Activates a newly-registered user, enabling you to log in
POST /user name, email, password Register a new user account and trigger a validation email to the supplied email address

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