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  1. Don't be profane: Don't go out of your way to harass users or insult others with the use of discriminatory language (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc).
  2. Don't be disruptive: Don't go out and pick fights with other users. Don't go out and create fake accounts in order to dupe, spy, harass, or mock someone.
  3. Don't spam: Spamming is disruptive to the chat and is annoying. Please avoid doing it at all costs.
  4. Skype is not SoFurry: No action will be taken by SoFurry staff due to happenings off of the site. If you have an issue with another user then please keep it among yourselves. SoFurry is not a place to settle personal disputes.
  5. Keep content appropriate: Keep the content you post appropriate to the content level of the room you post it in.
    • Clean rooms: Clean rooms should not be used for adult/sexual content period. Full-on role playing and explicit materials are not allowed at all in rooms marked as clean (The Lobby). Should a mature theme be brought up in any room marked as clean it may be asked to be stopped at the discretion of a moderator.
    • Adult rooms: Rooms marked as Adult (The Bar) allow general adult and NSFW content provided that links are tagged as such. All shock images such as death, gore, scat, goatse, etc. are forbidden from being posted in any room marked as Adult.
    • Extreme rooms: Extreme rooms (The Back Room) allow for general adult and NSFW content as well as shock images provided that all NSFW content is tagged as such and any shock images are tagged as such as well. Images that are both shock images as well as NSFW must be tagged as both shock and NSFW.

In all circumstances if a moderator asks that you stop doing something then you need to cease doing that thing immediately. If you have an issue with what a moderator is asking you to do then please take it up with them using a whisper or a private room.