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PG's Logo

Phantomgraph Phan'tom-gr[.a]f

1) The Nom de Plume (pen name) of a certain odd anthro author and artist that specializes in Dragons, science fiction and confusing the crap out of everyone. The name is derived from it's French and Greek root phrases :

Phantom - That which has only an apparent existence; an apparition; a specter; a phantasm; a sprite; an airy spirit; an ideal image.

Graph - A suffix signifying something written (as in {digraph}), a writing; also, a writer or an instrument that produces a written or visible record of a measurement, such as a spectrograph; as, autograph, crystograph, telegraph, photograph. -from 1913 Webster

2) One of the folks that helps make wiki entries here and helps out with questions on SoFurry.

Thus a Phantomgraph is a visual and or written representation of things that do not apparently exist.

Phantomgraph, the Phantom, or PG as he is sometimes known can sometimes be found lurking at SoFurry, Fur Affinity or just around the corner in the dark. He is known to dabble in digital art with Blender, the Gimp and occasional matrix coding with his trusty Linux craptop. He is also known to use more traditional media such as airbrush, pastels, pencils and assorted mechanical and electronic repair equipment. (The later is rumored to be under investigation by various military intelligence agencies.)

Oh and by the way, he's standing right behind you! };8>

Note: Questions, comments or requests regarding the wiki should be addressed to PG on Sofurry, thanks!

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