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So, would you like to see what's popular on SoFurry right now? Rather than having to run any kind of special searches all you have to do is visit one page. You might not even realize it yet but you have probably already been there!

I'll give you a little hint: If you click the little fuzzy fox tailed logo on the top left hand side of header on SoFurry (it's a bit bigger here on the wiki but it's the same one) it will take you to the welcome page and that is where you can find the most popular artwork, stories music and photos.

The page might look a little different depending on your user settings, but I'll go over the major parts here.

  • The Banner: If you have use compact welcome page (bad nomenclature?) turned off in your display settings you won't be able to see it, but a random piece of selected art will be displayed for your enjoyment. You might also notice that the banner has a few areas on it including your general account stats, and the SoFurry site stats on the right with the banner artist as well as a link to switch to switch off the banner sits on the left.
  • Site News: A general post about the happenings around Sofurry is just below the Banner.
  • Latest Uploads: This is a dynamic area that lets you scroll through the latest media uploads to SoFurry. On the right and left side of the screen arrows allow you to scroll forward and backward though the list. ProTip!: You can change what is displayed here by clicking the configure link on the left of the screen. You can set how many entries to display and what kinds of media are displayed (Stories, Artwork, Music, Photos, and Journals).
  • Top Stories: Top stories appears under the latest uploads on the left.
  • Recent Forum Activities: A list of the latest posts in SoFurry's integrated forums appears besides the top stories.
  • Top Art: The top artworks of the month are on the right most part of the screen.
  • Top Photos: The most popular photos appear in a column below the stories.
  • Top Music: And last but not least, SoFurries own hit parade resides on the right besides Photos.