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When you upload submissions to SoFurry you choose who can view your submissions. Their are several reasons why you might want to do this. You may not want anyone other than a commissioner to view your works in progress, or you may only want your friends our group members access the work. You may even want to publish a high quality version of your work that only those who have made a payment to you can access. Regardless of the reason, using access management is how you control who can view your work.

You set the level of access that you assign to your submission when you upload it to SoFurry when you select who can view this submission parameter.

  • public: When this option is selected everyone can view the submission provided they are permitted to view the content level.
  • group-only: Only members of the groups you add to the work can view the piece.
  • friends-only: Only SoFurry members who you have added as a friend can view the piece.
  • hidden: Only you can see the work.

Granting and denying individual users access to specific submissions

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Access Management

Once the basic parameters are set you may want to allow certain other individuals access. You can accomplish this from the access management page which is located on the upload page.

  • After you have uploaded a file click on the Upload link at the top right hand side of the header by your avatar. The Your Non-Public Submissions page will be displayed showing all of the submissions you have set for restricted access. (The image to the immediate right.)
  • Select the works you want to modify rights to by placing a check in the box next to the submission at the right of the screen (1).
  • Enter the user names you wish to grant or remove the right to view to in the text box (2) and click either the Permit Access button (3) to allow or Remove Access button (4) to remove permission to view the file(s).

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Individual Submission Access Management

Alternatively you can click the Manage Users button on a single submission and modify permissions on the page that appears. The image to the immediate right shows the locations of the steps discussed below.

To add rights for users to view the submission:

  • Enter in the user name(s) separated by commas you wish to grant access to in the text area (1).
  • Click the Permit Access button (2).

To Remove rights for users to view the submission:

  • Place a check mark in the box next to all the users you would like to remove access from (3).
  • Click the Remove Selected Users button (4).