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User Settings

Their are a variety of settings you can adjust on SoFurry to customize the way the website looks and interacts with you. The basic layout of the settings page is a list of commonly used settings located on the left hand side of the page and a set of tabs that make up the majority of the settings that you can change. To access any subset of the settings on the right, click the tab on the top to view or change any of the settings under that subset.

Persistent (always on the page) Settings: These settings are located on the left hand side of the page at all times.

  • Edit my Avatars / Avatars: You may click the current avatar or click the link to Add / Edit and remove avatars. Use this to change the content level setting of your avatars. Avatars on Sofurry should be 100x100 pixels and in either PNG, JPG or GIF file format. More detailed information on avatars can be found in the Avatar How To article.
  • Banners: Add edit and remove custom banners your visitors will see when they view your userpage. More information is above under Custom Banners.
  • Likes/Dislikes (tag filter): In this area you set your likes and dislikes. The lower categories (Loves, likes, tolerates and hates) simply rank your interests for other users to see. However the Active Tag Filters are special. Any tags you add to this list will be filtered out from your viewing of SoFurry Content. (EX: If you don't want to see anything involving 'Latin Jazz' adding the 'Latin Jazz' tag to the Active Tag Filters will prevent ANY submissions with that tag from appearing to you on SoFurry.) Note: You are the only one who can see your Active Tag Filters and they can conflict with your likes / dislikes. (EX: You can have 'fox' in the Loves category but also in your active tag filters, preventing you from seeing anything tagged with 'fox'.)
  • Link Twitter Account: Click this link to allow Sofurry access to your Twitter account. When active, submitting new content on SoFurry will be automatically tweeted to the people who follow you. Sofurry will not have access to your Twitter password.
  • Advanced Preferences / Simple Preferences: This is a toggle style link. Selecting Advanced settings allows you to see some settings that are normally hidden or provide advanced control over the user interface.

Subsets: The tabs on the top of the page control the subset of settings to be displayed below.

  • Site: General settings for how Sofurry will be displayed.
  • Account: Settings that effect your account on SoFurry.
  • Display: Options that define how Sofurry is displayed.
  • Profile: Information your visitors see when they visit your userpage.
  • Browse: These settings determine how SoFurry orders submitted content.
  • Privacy Settings: Sets what other people can see about your activities on SoFurry.
  • Notifications: Sets when Sofurry should send you information when your off-site. (E-mail, SMS)
  • Forums: Sets your preferences when you visit the SoFurry forums.
  • Chat: Sets your preferences for the SoFurry chat rooms.