Uploading Art and Photos

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The following steps outline the procedure for uploading Artwork to SoFurry. Currently Sofurry accepts PNG, JPG, GIF or SWF (flash) files.

  • Log in to SoFurry and select the Upload button at the top under your user-name.
  • Select Artwork from the options.
  • Title the piece in the top box.
  • Click the Upload your file button. A dialog box will appear. Select the file you wish to upload to SoFurry and click the open button.
  • If you would like to use a custom thumbnail click the upload thumbnail button and choose a file that contains the thumbnail yo would like to use. (If you leave this blank SoFurry make a thumbnail automatically for you.)
  • If you intend on using the Market section of Sofurry to sell high quality prints of your work you can upload the file under the print file section. (PNG, PSD, or TGA File types are allowed. CMYK color files are recommended.)
  • Select the age category for your piece. (All ages (clean), Adult or Extreme) You can click either the radio buttons or the text.
  • Select who can see your work: public, group-only or friends-only.
  • Describe your image in the box provided.
  • Add some tags separated by commas. If you need more help on tags please see this article.
  • Select Publish to post as a regular image or save as draft to mark this work as a draft.

Note: When using older versions of Internet Explorer the selection for a works age category (clean, adult or extreme) may not allow you to select anything. IE9 should work. (Firefox works fine.)