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Welcome to SoFurry!

So you've come to SF, and are wondering, what the hell is this? Is it yet another DeviantArt clone? Is it a story archive trying to be an art site? Well first of all, the similarity between SoFurry and other sites out there are pretty obvious: There's art, there are stories, even music and journals. You can keep a list of favorites and you have a watchlist of artists you like.

That's where the similarities end ;)

SoFurry is about four things:

  • Making new friends
  • Exposing your talent
  • Finding stuff you like
  • Being a stable archive for furry art and stories for many years to come

Artists will enjoy a multitude of ways to spread their works, not just relying on the initial fame of being on the front page for a few seconds, or having to have people who know you for anyone else to find you. Customize your gallery with your own banners, and give your pages your own style!

SoFurry is more than an art site: It's a community. And not just any community, but a hub of communities! Use our powerful group feature to not only get a bunch of people together, but also do something! Create your own forums and chatrooms, manage your community, organize events and contests, and peruse our nifty group gallery system to gather fellow furs who share your particular interests! Our friendly web-chat is always open to users and very easy to get in to! Just click on "Chat" and join the fray, no need for extra signups or logins. Similarly our forums are also just one click away. Things like a list of personal likes and dislikes are part of the rich furry profiles here.

An open API allows application developers to develop their own software on top of SoFurry's services and content, be that desktop applications and even mobile apps!

In essence, SoFurry is a place you can call your home - and we're happy to have you here. ^_^

(Batteries not included)