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What are content levels

Content levels are a way that users are able to define how clean or mature the submission should be considered.
When submissions are published the poster is able to define what the level is. Then when the submissions are viewed, it allows the viewer to define what types of submissions they are able to see.
This is also what allows the SFW mode to work properly.

The Different Levels


Clean is when the submission is appropriate for any user aged from 5 to 105 to view. You could also view or read this group of submissions in public without having to worry about shielding your screen. (Work, school, DMV, etc.)
Any nudity would be extremely tasteful to the point of it being Disney or Barbie nudity. (No visible 'bits')

Examples of this would be:

  • Art of you and your friends hanging out at a pool,
  • A story of superheroes going on an adventure,
  • Reference sheets with no visible genitalia,
  • Pinups with smooth crotches.


Adult is where most submissions are categorized. This is where any submission that contains NSFW content, sexual parts, and/or adult themes should live. Anything that may be "on the line" from clean to adult should probably be considered adult.

Examples of this would be:

  • A commission of a couple having sex,
  • Any artwork with detailed genitalia (sheathes, vents, penises, breasts, anuses, etc.),
  • A story of a horse who gets captured by a dragoness for her other 'needs',
  • Reference sheets with visible genitalia (erect or flaccid),
  • Artwork with tight enough clothing to the point where they may as well be not wearing anything at all.


This would be when the submission contains extreme fetishes that go beyond regular clean sex or show potentially offensive stuff.

Examples of this would be:

  • Scat,
  • Watersports,
  • Snuff,
  • Castration,
  • Cub,
  • Etc.

General Tips

If in doubt, use the next-highest content level to be sure or PM a mod to see if your submission is leveled properly.