Changing Your Username

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Changing Usernames

The following steps outline the procedure for changing your username (account name) on SoFurry. The image on the right shows the locations of the steps discussed below.

  • Log in to SoFurry and float your mouse over the user avatar in the top right part of the header and clicking Settings in the menu that appears.
  • On the left hand side of the preferences page is a set of links. Click the link titled Change Username. (Or click this link.)
  • A new form will appear titled Tired of your old self? that has a text area to enter in a new username into.
  • Enter in what you would like to be called in the box (1) and click the Check Availability button (2).
  • If the new username you have chosen is not being used you will be presented with a confirmation page titled Your new name is available Simply click the Yes Change It button (3) and SoFurry will change your username!