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This tab contains general settings for the way Sofurry is displayed.

  • Language: Use the drop down list to select the language you wish to view SoFurry in. You can select Choose Automatically from this list and SoFurry will try to read your browser preferences to determine the Language. (Note: If you would like to help translating please send a PM to MJTF!)
  • Homepage: (Welcome, Browse, My Groups, Forums, Chat, My Profile) This sets the page you see when you bring up the home page in Sofurry. (Click the Home Link in the header.)
  • Default tab for my watchlist: (All, Stories, Artwork, Music, Journals, Photos) This setting lets you set the tab that appears when you first bring up your watchlist. All shows a list of all Sofurry submissions types where the other selections filter the view for the media type. The tabs still appear at the top of the watchlist, this just sets the one that comes up when you first visit the page.
  • Content Order: (0,1,2,3,4) - This setting appears if you have the Advanced Settings toggled. The page states "Stop seeing me, I'm a figment of your imagination-" Changing this setting may summon random demonic Orca stuffs on Sofurry I'm not sure, but play with this at your own peril. (Read: The author has no idea what this setting is for :p)
  • Adult biographies by default: (Yes / No) This determines if adult profiles are displayed when you click on a SoFurry User.
  • Width (in pixels) of the sidebar when viewing content: (300) This sets the sidebar width? The minimum is 50 and 300 is recommended. (Note: The author altered this setting and didn't notice any change in the way Sofurry is displayed. This setting may be depreciated or it may not effect his display / browser.)