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The settings on this tab alter the way your userpage or profile appear to visitors on your SoFurry Page. It also provides additional information for your visitors to see your works and contact you.

  • Profile Header Style: (Show standard banners, Show mega banners) This option sets the type of banner that appears when people visit your userpage. You can upload custom banners using the Banners link on the left side of the settings page. (Note: Make sure you set this to match the style of banners you uploaded.)
  • Species: Enter your species in the text area.
  • Gender: (N/A, Male, Female, Herm) Select your gender using this drop down box. If you would rather not indicate your gender choose N/A from the list.
  • Sexual Orientation: (N/A, Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, Omnisexual) Select your preference from the drop down box. If you would rather not have this listed choose N/A from the list.
  • Mateship Status: (N/A, Single uninterested, Single seeking casual, Single seeking permanent, Mated open, Mated closed) Select the type of relationship you have with your partner or what you are looking for. Again, if you would rather not indicate your status choose N/A from the drop down box.
  • City: Enter the city of your residence here. (You can leave this blank if you wish.)
  • Country: From what country do you hale? (You can leave this blank if you wish.)
  • Website URL: If you have a webpage you can put the URL here. (Not currently implemented?) You should enter the URL with http:// at the beginning. (IE http://www.sofurry.com)
  • DeviantArt Username: Your account on DeviantArt (Just the account name)
  • Furaffinity Username: Your account on Furaffininty (Just the account name)
  • Inkbunny Username: Your account on Inkbunny (Just the account name)
  • Furbuy Username: Your account on Furbuy (Just the account name)
  • VCL Username: Your account on VCL (Just the account name)
  • Artpiles Username: Your account on Artpiles (Just the account name)
  • Furiends Username: Your account on Furiends (Just the account name)
  • Furrag Username: Your account on Furrag (Just the account name)
  • Gtalk/Jabber Username: Your Gtalk/Jabber account (Just the account name)
  • Skype Username: Your Skype account (Just the account name)
  • AIM Username: Your AOL instant messenger account (Just the account name)
  • ICQ USername: Your ICQ account number (Just the account number)
  • MSN Username: Your MSN messenger account (Just the account name)
  • YIM Username: Your Yahoo instant messenger account (Just the account name)
  • Profile text: This is what you want to tell folks that visit your userpage about yourself. This profile should not contain any adult information.
  • Adult profile text: Same as above but this text appears when your visitor has adult profiles turned on. (Protip: If you only want a clean profile - copy the text from the above box into this one so that visitors with adult profile viewing turned on will see something about you!)
  • Forum signature: This is a formated signature that will appear under every post on the SoFurry forums. Note: Their is a small bug in the way SoFurry displays the signatures where new lines have extra spaces in them. To fix this force the paragraph using HTML.

EXAMPLE: If you enter this in the text box:

      This is line 1
      This is line 2
      This is line 3

SoFurry will display this:

      This is line 1
This is line 2
This is line 3

To correct this enter the text as on one line:

      <p>This is line 1<br>This is line 2<br>This is line 3</p>
  • Current Character: (-1) Sets your current character profile. (-1 is the default profile.)