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The settings on this tab effect the way Sofurry is displayed. Most of these settings are for the general layout of Sofurry 2.0

  • Show the "Help / Problems / Suggestions" button on all pages: (Yes / No) This setting turns on or off the floating tab at the bottom of the page for requesting help, reporting problems or offering suggestions to make SoFurry a better place! You can always access this feature on the report page.
  • Compact welcome page: (Yes / No) Selecting yes on this will change the layout of the welcome page for smaller resolutions.
  • Full image instead of preview: (Yes / No) Selecting yes causes SoFurry to send the full image rather than a smaller preview for images. (Note: This may cause very long delays in loading pages!)
  • Show the watchlist count: (Yes / No) Selecting yes here will display the number of new submissions in your watchlist over the link on the Sofurry header.
  • Profile View Type: (Full Width / Narrow) Select Narrow if the information on a users profile is too wide for your screen resolution.
  • Types of events to show on the calendar: (Generic, Furmeet, Convention, Convention Programming, Fur-Friendly Events, Livestreams) - At the time of this writing the calendar feature is currently in development.
  • Advanced artwork mouseover: (Yes / No) Selecting yes here will cause a preview window to pop up when you float over an artwork. You can move the mouse around to see more detail on the piece. (You may wish to switch this off if you have an older / slower computer.)