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Meet the team! SoFurry is a large site, and as such we rely on the help of a lot of supporters. The following is our

Site Owner

  • Toumal


  • Giza


  • Alex F. Vance


  • MattFox (SF2 tasks: Lists, Forums)
  • Micksam7 (SF2 tasks: CSS guru)
  • MJTF (SF2 tasks: General site code, Chat, Uploader, Security, etc)
  • Morghus
  • Pale (SF2 tasks: General site code, Commission module, etc)
  • Seirmubsa
  • Toumal (SF2 tasks: General site code)

Inactive and/or former contributors

  • DigitalMan
  • Keenora
  • Saleru

We'll add lists of our moderators later ;)