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Meet the team! SoFurry is a large site, and as such we rely on the help of a lot of supporters. Please use the following list of our contributing staff to contact the appropriate staff member for your concern. Here we want to give credit to all those who invest their free time in improving and maintaining SoFurry as well.

Visit for the most up-to-date listing.

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Site Administration


  • Toumal: SF 2.0 development
  • Nekosune: SF 3.0 / SFX development
  • Valanx: SF 2.0 development, design, live notifications
  • MattFox: SF 2.0 lists and forums
  • Enbiden: SF 2.0 development, ePub
  • TerraBAS: SF 2.0 / SF 3.0 / SFX development, SF Android App, chat server
  • Miyabi: SF 3.0 development, design


General Administration

Administrators and their administration areas.

  • Daniel Harkness: Head of Gaming Services
  • Jake Firetail: Head of Ambassadors
  • Moonblood: Head of Support
  • Graeme: Head of Moderation
  • Kokusho: Lead Chat Moderator
  • Hollud: Submissions Administration
  • Goddy: Contest Management
  • Roberto G.: Social Media

Moderators and Reviewers

List of sofurry moderators and reviewers.

User Support

Staff members which assisting with user enquiries and help requests.

Gaming Team

Because of staff fluidity we have only listed admins. A list of game staff should be available inside the game server in question.


Teamspeak Head Admins:

Teamspeak Admins:

Teamspeak Moderators:


People which contribute and helping with sofurry language localisations.

Inactive and/or former contributors

Special Thanks for Security Advisories that made SoFurry safer

  • Splendid: Found a XSS vulnerability on SoFurry 1.0 and helped fix it.
  • Uildiar: Found a vulnerability in our SMF forum and helped fix it.

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