The SoFurry Staff Pledge

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I am a moderator on SoFurry. I work for the users of this site, my goal is to prevent conflicts, resolve issues, and ensure that all users are treated fairly and enjoy being on SoFurry.

I pledge to not misuse my position of power.

I pledge to not misuse my position of trust.

I pledge to respect the privacy of our users.

I pledge to honor the rights of the creative minds sharing the fruits of their talent.

I pledge to be respectful and friendly even when faced with insult.

I pledge to research the facts before acting, and take action when needed.

I work to protect the rights and interests of our users because they are the life-blood of SoFurry.

I, Raithian, Sign this pledge.

I, Hammerfist, sign this pledge.

I, Primus Leonides, sign this pledge.

I, Moonblood, sign this pledge.

I, Hollud, sign this pledge.

I, Noxior, sign this pledge.

I, Xianyu, sign this pledge.

I, Jake Firetail, Sign this pledge.

I, Graeme, sign this pledge

I, Goddy, sign this pledge

I, RongYao, sign this pledge!

I, Kokusho, sign this pledge.

I, Carlos-Penguin, as an Admin, sign and will hold to this Pledge as a mod would!

I, Phantomgraph, am honored to sign this pledge. (As long as I don't have to deal with Xeno's eggs ;p)