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== Moderators ==
== Moderators ==
* [https://randall-ranger.sofurry.com/ Randall Ranger]
[http://sasha-mechovich.sofurry.com/sendpm Send me the mods!]
[http://sasha-mechovich.sofurry.com/sendpm Send me the mods!]

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SoFurry Lobby
Room number 1
Rating clean
Type discussion/roleplay


Cool marble contrasts nicely with red, rich carpetry which makes the Lobby a pleasant place to be in. Comfy yet luxurious chair invite to sink in to. Yet, this is very much a public place, so people are expected to be dressed well, and observe some manners ;)

A squirrel dressed in a waiters uniform is scurrying about, bringing out drinks from the nearby bar. There's doors leading to other rooms, some more relaxed, some more private, while a group of chairs around a low desk invites you to stay and chat with the patrons here.

NOTE: This room is PG rated. Do not post adult content. Failure to follow this rule may result in an instant ban. Please use The Bar instead if you want to do this.


  • Do not harass users
  • Do not use gratuitous racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory language
  • Do not post NSFW content
  • Do not spam in any way, shape, or form
  • Do not cause drama for whatever reason
  • Do not post any adult content

Send me the rules!


Send me the mods!