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The primary means of finding assistance on SoFurry is using our ticket system. Any user may open a ticket for support, suggestions, to report problems with the site, it's content, or other users. The report process is detailed article that describes how tickets work on SoFurry.

Users with Accounts

A link to the Sofurry Ticket system is here. (Click the New Report Link) Please include a detailed description of the problem and any links that may be relevant.

Resetting your account password

If you have an account on SoFurry and are unable to log you may reset your password here.

No Account or lost e-mail accounts

if you do not have an account on SoFurry or are unable to access the e-mail account you signed up with on SoFurry please contact our site owner, Toumal via e-mail. [toumaltheorca at gmail dot com] Please include as much information about your issue as possible.

As a reminder, never give your account password to anyone, including staff!