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Frequently asked Questions for SoFurry 2.0

  • Q: I just signed up. Is their a Getting Started Guide or anything? A: Yes! It's right here!
  • Q: I just signed up. Why can't I join the chat? A: We have a policy of restricting new accounts from using the chat for 24 hours. For more information see the New Account Restrictions article or the Getting Started Guide.
  • Q: Why does SoFurry think I'm a spam bot when I try to send a private message? A: New users are restricted to 10 PM's in their first week as an anti-spam measure. The New Account Restrictions article contains more detailed information on our policy or check out the Getting Started Guide.
  • Q: I had a question about the age category of a piece of work I would like to submit. Should I submit it as All ages, Adult or Extreme? A: Details on what falls into each of these categories is in our AUP.
  • Q: How do I search for a user? A: Their is a link at the bottom of the SoFurry page that takes you to the user search function. If you need more help check out the searching section below.
  • Q: I think I found a bug or I want to see if anyone has already submitted a bug report. Is their anyplace I can check? A: Yes! You can also get an update with any reports you have filed here: http://www.sofurry.com/report
  • Q: How do I watch / unwatch a forum thread? A: At the top of each thread page is a Watch button. Click it and a new post in the thread will trigger a notification. (The button is a toggle style. When you click Watch it will change to Unwatch allowing you to switch off notifications for the thread.)
  • Q: Can I still access my account with a URL like http://myusername.sofurry.com? A: Yes. Try it! http://toumal.sofurry.com
    Protip: If the user name has a space in it, replace the space with a dash "-". The same applies if your using the e-mail forwarding system.
  • Q: Can I change my username (account name) in SoFurry 2.0? A: Yes! See this article on how.
  • Q: I was looking for the old FAQ. Is it still around? A: Yes! You can access it here!

The Quick Tour

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The SoFurry 2.0 Interface

The image on the right shows the locations of the features discussed below.

  • (1) Your Avatar. You can click this to go to your user page. If you float your mouse over your avatar a drop down menu will appear where you can go you the settings page or logout of your account. (Use this on shared computers so that others can't access your account.) Select settings to configure SoFurry to your liking and alter your account. Many of the new features in SoFurry 2.0 can be customized in this area. More assistance on user settings can be found here.
  • (2) The Upload button. Use this to upload new content to SoFurry.
  • (3) The Messages link. This takes you to your personal messages. The number indicates the number of unread messages you have waiting for you. In the example their is one unread message. (Note: This link may be abbreviated M if their is not enough room on the page for the full word.)
  • (4) The Notifications link. This takes you to any Comments, Favorites, Watches, Votes, and Watched Threads notifications you may have. Like the messages link, the number in front of it indicates the quantity of unread messages you have. In the example their are 2 unread messages. (Note: This link may be abbreviated N if their is not enough room on the page for the full word.)
  • (5) The Submissions link. This link take you to a page listing all items have been submitted by people you watch. In the example their are three new items to view. (Note: This link may be abbreviated S if their is not enough room on the page for the full word.)
  • (6) The Quick Search Bar. Type in the tags separated by commas (example:Toumal, Orca) you want to search for and press the Go button to search all of Sofurry's media types. For more help on searching see the searching section of the FAQ.
  • (7) The Main SoFurry Bar. These are links to the general submission content page (SoFurry), the Browse drop down list (to view specific media types), the SoFurry Market, Groups, SoFurry's integrated Chat and Forums. (Note: The Market feature is currently under development.)
  • (8) The Report Tab. Click this bar and a window will pop up that you can use to report a problem with the site, report a problem with a user or submission (such as adult work tagged as clean, harassment, etc.) or give a suggestion.

Viewing Media

Special Formating Codes

Their are some special codes you can add to your PM's, forum, chat, and journal posts to format your text. Generally referred to as BBC code, you can find a reference sheet in the SoFurry BBC article.

Tags and Searching

  • The all about tags article explains what tags are and how to use them.
  • Looking for something? Learn how the search functions work on SoFurry.

Uploading Media

Note: Be sure you visit the tags article so that you understand how to properly tag your submissions.

Access Management

You can control who can view any of your submissions here on SoFurry, from allowing everyone to view the work, to groups, friends or even allowing only certain individuals access to a piece. You can use this feature of SoFurry to allow a commissioner to see works in progress or even to allow them access to extremely high quality copies of your finished work.

Removing Media

  • Use the edit button on the media you wish to remove. At the bottom of the page under the Upload link their should be a delete or remove link.


SoFurry Chat

Working With Folders

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Working with Folders

The exact use varies a bit between different media but the basics are the same. In this example moving an image will be illustrated. The image on the right shows the locations of the features discussed.

  • Log in to SoFurry.
  • Click your avatar in the top right of the header to bring up your user page.
  • Select the type of media you wish to move. (Stories, Artwork or Photos)
  • Select the work you wish to move.
  • The work will appear.
  • Click the Edit button under your user name in the top left of the submission page. (1)
  • On the Edit Submission page their is a link titled Add to folder (2) on the left. Click it to bring up the Choose Folder form. (Note: You can move the form around the page by grabbing it's title.)
  • To move a submission to your home folder select the radio button next to / (shown). (3) To select an existing folder select the radio button next to the name of the folder you wish the work to be in or select New Folder and enter in the name of a folder to create.
  • Click the OK button on the form to move the work.

Note: If you wish to rename or delete a folder first click on the folder you wish to change. When the new form appears click the Delete folder or the Rename folder button. Deleting a folder with files (stories / artwork etc...) will not delete the files. They will simply return to your home '/' directory.

Note: You can change the order that a work appears in a folder by grabbing the title of the work (4) in the Edit Submission form and dragging to the new position.

Custom Banners

Main article: Banners

User Settings

Their are a variety of settings you can adjust on SoFurry to customize the way the website looks and interacts with you. The basic layout of the settings page is a list of commonly used settings located on the left hand side of the page and a set of tabs that make up the majority of the settings that you can change. To access any subset of the settings on the right, click the tab on the top to view or change any of the settings under that subset.

Persistent (always on the page) Settings: These settings are located on the left hand side of the page at all times.

  • Edit my Avatars / Avatars: You may click the current avatar or click the link to Add / Edit and remove avatars. Use this to change the content level setting of your avatars. Avatars on Sofurry should be 100x100 pixels and in either PNG, JPG or GIF file format. More detailed information on avatars can be found in the Avatar How To article.
  • Banners: Add edit and remove custom banners your visitors will see when they view your userpage. More information is above under Custom Banners.
  • Likes/Dislikes (tag filter): In this area you set your likes and dislikes. The lower categories (Loves, likes, tolerates and hates) simply rank your interests for other users to see. However the Active Tag Filters are special. Any tags you add to this list will be filtered out from your viewing of SoFurry Content. (EX: If you don't want to see anything involving 'Latin Jazz' adding the 'Latin Jazz' tag to the Active Tag Filters will prevent ANY submissions with that tag from appearing to you on SoFurry.) Note: You are the only one who can see your Active Tag Filters and they can conflict with your likes / dislikes. (EX: You can have 'fox' in the Loves category but also in your active tag filters, preventing you from seeing anything tagged with 'fox'.)
  • Link Twitter Account: Click this link to allow Sofurry access to your Twitter account. When active, submitting new content on SoFurry will be automatically tweeted to the people who follow you. Sofurry will not have access to your Twitter password.
  • Advanced Preferences / Simple Preferences: This is a toggle style link. Selecting Advanced settings allows you to see some settings that are normally hidden or provide advanced control over the user interface.

Subsets: The tabs on the top of the page control the subset of settings to be displayed below.

  • Site: General settings for how Sofurry will be displayed.
  • Account: Settings that effect your account on SoFurry.
  • Display: Options that define how Sofurry is displayed.
  • Profile: Information your visitors see when they visit your userpage.
  • Browse: These settings determine how SoFurry orders submitted content.
  • Privacy Settings: Sets what other people can see about your activities on SoFurry.
  • Notifications: Sets when Sofurry should send you information when your off-site. (E-mail, SMS)
  • Forums: Sets your preferences when you visit the SoFurry forums.
  • Chat: Sets your preferences for the SoFurry chat rooms.

Copyright Questions

Main article: Copyright FAQs
Q: Where is the AUP?