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* $20.- by Delphinidae
* $20.- by Delphinidae
* $20.- by Kana
* $20.- by Kana
* $20.- by Tylarith

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Please donate to SoFurry to help us cover our costs. Our monthly cost is in excess of $450.- per month, depending on the current conversion rate. SoFurry is currently funded in large parts by the private funds of Toumal, with ads offsetting the costs by a small margin. We will highlight the most recent donors on this page. Donors who send more than USD 100.- will receive a small present as thanks :)

Recent Donors

Many thanks to the following individuals for supporting SoFurry!

  • $20.- by Delphinidae
  • $20.- by Kana
  • $20.- by Tylarith