Chat Rules

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1. Don't be a dick: No harassment of other users, don't use gratuitous racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory language.

2. No social engineering: Dual-logging for the purposes of creating drama, and the gratuitous use of fake accounts is forbidden.

3. Adult Content: All NSFW links in The Bar and other Adult rooms must be noted as such. Shock images (Death, gore, scat, goatse, etc.) are not permitted except in the Extreme labeled rooms (such as The Back Room, and must be labeled as such as well in addition to being marked as NSFW). The Lobby is for clean material only, and should not be used for adult sexual content in the least. Full-on RP and explicit material are not allowed at all in the clean rooms. Should a mature theme be discussed in any of the clean rooms, it may be asked to be stopped, and not following a moderator's discretion may result in temporary removal from the chat.

4. No spamming.

5. No action can be taken because of something that occurred outside of Sofurry: If you have an issue with another user that didn't occur on SF, don't deal with it here. Users cannot be banned for things they did to another SF user on a different site.