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Upload Story Page

The following steps outline the procedure for uploading a story to SoFurry. The image on the right shows the locations of the steps discussed below.

  • Log in to SoFurry and select the Upload button on the header to the left of your avatar.
  • Select Story from the options. (Not shown)
  • Title the story in the top box (1) and enter in the story in the on-line editor (2) below. (Note: You may have trouble with using the mouse menu to paste in Firefox; Use the Ctrl+V instead.)
  • If you would like to use a custom thumbnail click the upload thumbnail button (3) and choose a file that contains the thumbnail you would like to use. (If you leave this blank SoFurry make a thumbnail automatically for you.)
  • If you intend on using the Market section of Sofurry to sell high quality prints of your work upload the high quality file for your customers to print using the upload print file (4) section. (PNG, PSD, or TGA File types are allowed. CMYK color files are recommended.)
  • If you would like to put the story into a particular folder or would like to create a seperate one for this story to appear in on your submission's page, you can either select an existing folder from the drop-down or enter a name for the folder you want to sort this particular submission into (5). Of course, if your submission should just be published without being sorted in any folders, just leave this one blank.
  • Select the audience (6) by clicking the radio button or clicking the text next to the rating. (all ages (clean), adult or extreme) If you would like help choosing what category your submission falls into please see the content levels in the SoFurry AUP.
  • Select what viewers (7) can view your story. (public, group-only, friends-only, or hidden) For more information on this setting see the Access Management Guide.
  • Describe your story in the box (8) provided. (This field is intended as a synopsis or some general info about this submission.)
  • Add some tags (9) separated by commas. If you would like more help on tags please visit this article.
  • Select Publish (10) to post as a regular story or Save as Draft (11) to mark the story as a draft.


  • Their may be a problem using older versions of Internet Explorer on the story submission form. The selection for a story's rating (clean, adult or extreme) may not allow you to select anything. IE9 should work. (Firefox works fine.)
  • Their are some issues with copying and pasting stories into the WYSIWYG editor. The coding team is working on this issue.