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The Quick Tour

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The SoFurry 2.0 Interface

The image on the right shows the locations of the features discussed below.

  • (1) Your Avatar. You can click this to go to your user page. If you float your mouse over your avatar a drop down menu will appear where you can go you the settings page or logout of your account. (Use this on shared computers so that others can't access your account.) Select settings to configure SoFurry to your liking and alter your account. Many of the new features in SoFurry 2.0 can be customized in this area. More assistance on user settings can be found here.
  • (2) The Upload button. Use this to upload new content to SoFurry.
  • (3) The Messages link. This takes you to your personal messages. The number indicates the number of unread messages you have waiting for you. In the example their is one unread message. (Note: This link may be abbreviated M if their is not enough room on the page for the full word.)
  • (4) The Notifications link. This takes you to any Comments, Favorites, Watches, Votes, and Watched Threads notifications you may have. Like the messages link, the number in front of it indicates the quantity of unread messages you have. In the example their are 2 unread messages. (Note: This link may be abbreviated N if their is not enough room on the page for the full word.)
  • (5) The Submissions link. This link take you to a page listing all items have been submitted by people you watch. In the example their are three new items to view. (Note: This link may be abbreviated S if their is not enough room on the page for the full word.)
  • (6) The Quick Search Bar. Type in the tags separated by commas (example:Toumal, Orca) you want to search for and press the Go button to search all of Sofurry's media types. For more help on searching see the searching section of the FAQ.
  • (7) The Main SoFurry Bar. These are links to the general submission content page (SoFurry), the Browse drop down list (to view specific media types), the SoFurry Market, Groups, SoFurry's integrated Chat and Forums. (Note: The Market feature is currently under development.)
  • (8) The Report Tab. Click this bar and a window will pop up that you can use to report a problem with the site, report a problem with a user or submission (such as adult work tagged as clean, harassment, etc.) or give a suggestion.