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Be active!

The best way to help SoFurry grow is to simply participate! Be a part of our community, comment on stories, artwork, photos and music, comment on journals, join the forums and chat - and most importantly, upload your works on SoFurry! Help us create a friendly and supportive atmosphere!

Help new users!

The many features of SoFurry can be daunting at first - you can help us by helping new users around, answer questions, and help them with any problems they may have.

Join the Abassadors!

The SoFurry Ambassadors are a special team of users who work extra hard to make this place more awesome for everyone. They also get to see and test new features first. Ambassador spots are limited, we announce open spots via the Site Update News.

Put your SoFurry url into your works, and let people know where to get more! Coupled with the beautiful megabanners, your profile is your home and your castle, and the short and neat URL ( really makes it your own!

Get more users and artists to join!

Getting the word out about SoFurry helps us a lot, and we love to make new friends. Go spread the word and ask your friends and favorite artists to join! If there's anything we can do for them to help, we're all ears!

Write apps!

Have an idea for a nice PC, Android or iOS app? Use our API and create something awesome!

Share your ideas!

Do you have a killer idea that would rock the furry world? Head to the Feature Suggestion Forum and post it, we love to hear about it and have a long history of really acting on user input and realizing your suggestions!

We offer our services for free, but sadly our ISPs don't. Consider sending [Donations] to help keep SoFurry online.