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SFX is the newest version of the SoFurry website. It has been created from scratch due to a change of the underlying framework (from Yii (SF1/SF2) to Laravel).


On november 22, while SF3 was still in development, the Yii dev team annouced that the Yii 1 framework was going EOL in 2018. Since SF1, SF2 and the announced follow-up SF3 are all based on the Yii 1 framework it has been decided to drop SF3 and start working on a completely new site, using the Laravel framework - "SFX" was born.

Major changes

  • Groups have been removed
  • The market has been removed
  • Searches are faster and now include artist's names
  • Better thumbnail/preview processing

Alpha test

SFX is still in a far-from-finished state and still in heavy development. A private alpha for users to test out the first new things will be available soon.