Q: How do I put an avatar-link to another user into my comment/submission?

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You can link to another user by writing the following:

@Username or :iconUSERNAME:

This will display a clickable avatar for the user "USERNAME" along with the name. Clicking the username will take you to their user page.

If you want JUST the avatar picture without the username or popup menu, use this:


So for example, to link to Toumal, you would write :iconToumal: Note: The username doesn't have to be uppercase. If the username has a space in it include it as in :iconFirst Last:

Want to link to users on another site?

Use these codes:

fa!ThatOtherUser will link to the FurAffinity account of ThatOtherUser ib!ThatOtherUser will link to the Inkbunny account of ThatOtherUser