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Profile visibility

  • This feature is only available in SoFurry 2.0 and is set to "Only registered users can see my profile" by default

This setting lets you determine to which extend your profile will be visible to site guests, meaning people who aren't logged in to the site. While everyone is still able to see your own submissions no matter what this option is set to, your profile mainpage, your biography, your characters, your shouts, your likes and dislikes and your favorites remain hidden if you choose to only allow registered users to have access to these internal matters.

Crawlers, like GoogleBot, BingBot, etc. are considered "Guests". If you don't want to allow a search engine to track your page, please don't choose the option "Everyone can see my profile".

Guests who are trying to access the profile of a user who has chosen to deny the access to them will be redirected to the SoFurry Welcome Page automatically.


This option was introduced with SoFurry 2.0 and doesn't affect anything that has happened in the past.