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SoFurry Chat
The SoFurry chat is a browser based chat system for SoFurry users login or register

Command Example Result
/me [message] /me waves hello SoFurry User waves hello
/whisper [user] | [message] /whisper SoFurry User Two|Hello! A private message from SoFurry User to SoFurry User Two saying Hello!
/dice [dice]d[sides] /dice 2d6 SoFurry User rolled the dice 2d6. Dice Roll Result: 9 = 6+3
/spinbottle /spinbottle SoFurry User spins the bottle, it spins and spins around, and ends up pointing at SoFurry User Two
/away, /brb, /afk [message] /away doing stuff Sets you away with an optional message saying why
/busy [message] /busy doing stuff Sets you as busy with an optional message saying why
/rp [message] /rp combat Sets you as looking for RP with an optional message saying what you want
/back /back Removes all previously set statuses
/alwayson /alwayson Stops you from automatically going away
/block [user] /block SoFurry User Two Block all communications from the user on chat and on site
/unblock [user] /unblock SoFurry User Two Unblocks a previously blocked user
Common Rooms
Name Description Rating
SoFurry Lobby The main SoFurry room. (clean)
The Bar The adult lobby. (adult)
The Back Room Extreme RP. (extreme)
The Library Library themed roleplay. (clean)
The Video Game Den Video game centered discussion. (clean)
SF Heartbreak High College and High School themed. (adult)
The Sunny Shore Beach themed. (adult)
The Secluded Beach Sexual beach themed. (extreme)
Pony Paradise My Little Pony themed. (adult)
The Bleeding Heart Werewolf and Vampire themed. (adult)
The Colosseum Arena combat themed. (adult)
The Temple Ruins Classical combat themed. (adult)
The Blasted Badlands Hardcore combat themed. (adult)
The Newsroom Discussion of current events. (clean)
Artist Hangout A place where you can have your art critiqued or get help with technique. (adult)
Helpdesk A support desk for SoFurry. (clean)