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SoFurry Version 2.0!

Q: Where is the FAQ for version 2.0? A: FAQ 2.0

Main Site

How does search work?

Searching on sofurry is a simple matter of entering you search terms, preferably separated by comma. To exclude a tag, put a "!" or "-" in front of it, like so: "Wolf, M/M, !Werewolf, !Wolverine"

Search is an AND-search by default, so the more terms you enter the fewer results you will get as less content will match all your search criteria.

You can also simply enter any author name or submission title to search for them. In the future we will add support for OR-search as well as forcing tag-only or title-only searches.

How do I search only stories?

After entering a search term and pressing "Search", the site will display all matching results in separate lists by content type. You can focus your search to display, for example, only stories by clicking on the "stories" tab right below the site banner.

You will find that you can switch between different content types without losing your search. To clear the search click on the "Browse" tab.

Also note that each list has a button labeled "show all" below it. Clicking this button has the same effect as clicking the tab related to this list's content type.

How do I browse to the next picture while viewing?

Instead of a mere "prev/next" button, SoFurry has a very sophisticated quickbrowser that fulfills exactly that function, only better!

A short list of submissions is displayed on the top right area of the site. The current submission is highlighted, the list can be scrolled with prev and next links on the bottom of the list.

Tabs switch between browsing all content, browsing only content of the type you're currently viewing, browsing only that author/artist's submissions, browsing content in the current folder, and browsing this author/artist's favorites.

Is there an app for my mobile phone?

Yes! Check out the [SoFurry Live Wallpaper] for Android 2.1

Also, a full android app for browsing, messaging and chatting is being developed right now. The API is open for other applications.

I'm a developer, can I access sofurry via some API?

Yes. Please see the wiki frontpage for detailed API documentation on how to authenticate with sofurry, send/receive chat messages and upload submissions.

How do I put an avatar-link to another user into my comment/submission?

You can link to another user by writing the following:

@Username or :iconUSERNAME:

This will display a clickable avatar for the user "USERNAME" along with the name. Clicking the username will take you to their user page.

If you want JUST the avatar picture without the username or popup menu, use this:


So for example, to link to Toumal, you would write :iconToumal: Note: The username doesn't have to be uppercase. If the username has a space in it include it as in :iconFirst Last:

Want to link to users on another site? Use these codes:

fa!ThatOtherUser will link to the FurAffinity account of ThatOtherUser

ib!ThatOtherUser will link to the Inkbunny account of ThatOtherUser

I wanna link to another submission via thumbnail in my text/description, how do I do that?

In your story text or image description, put the following text:


The number 9999 is the page ID of the submission you want to link to. You can see the page ID in the URL of the page. If the submission you link to is an image, it will be displayed as thumbnail, otherwise a music icon or user avatar of the author will be shown.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?



How do avatars work and how many can I have?

You can have as many avatars as you like! Avatars are displayed at random. Animated GIFs are supported too. You can even upload a big file and crop the image right on the site, no need to use Photoshop ;)

NOTE: You can upload adult avatars, but you MUST set them to "adult" by clicking on the "toggle adult" link next to the avatar in the list. Adult avatars will only be displayed to users who have set their profile to "adult" as well.

If you want to add an animated GIF for an Avatar however, some might appear as choppy or broken pictures. If this is the case the best option is to make the image's size match its resolution.

For example: Size: 100x100 Resolution: 100 dpi


Q: How do I upload?
Q: What filetypes are supported?
Q: How do tags work?
Q: What's a content level, and which one should I chose?
Q: Can I upload other people's works?
Q: Can I upload something just for myself/close friends?
Q: Can I upload something just for groups I chose?
Q: My story is empty! I copy&pasted it but it uploads as a blank story!!


Q: How do I create a folder?
Q: How do I put something in a folder?
Q: How do I browse a folder?
Q: Can I reorder stories/pictures within a folder?


Q: What are groups and what do they do for me?
Q: How do I join a group?
Q: How do I create a group?
Q: How do I put a picture I found into a group's favorite gallery?
Q: Where can I see the favorites of all groups I'm a member of?

Watches and Favorites

Q: How do I watch/unwatch an artist?
Q: How do I fav/unfav a submission?
Q: How do I browse my favorites?
Q: How do I browse my watchlist?


Q: What is the commission system, what can it do for me?
Q: I bought a commission on sofurry, now what?
Q: How do I create a commission offer?
Q: How do I manually enter a commission sold elsewhere?
Q: How can I manage commissions I bought elsewhere?
Q: Do I need to buy commissions on sofurry to use the commission system?


Q: Can I create my own forums?
Q: How do I make a private forum?
Q: Who moderates public and private forums?
Q: How does posting work?


Q: Can I create my own chat?
Q: What chat commands are available?
Q: Can I join the chat via something other than a webbrowser?