New Account Restrictions

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Spam. We all despise it. Unfortunately it is a matter of life on the Internet nowadays and Sofurry is no exception. As a result we have had to implement some policies to curtail as much of it as we can. To do that we have been forced to add restrictions to new accounts.

Each of the restrictions are automatically applied to new user accounts and each expires automatically after the time has passed.

Chat Restrictions

  • New accounts are prohibited from entering the chat for 24 hours after sign up.

Private Messages (PMs) Restrictions

  • New accounts may initiate up to 10 unique private messages (PMs). This restrictions do not apply for the conversations you already started. In case you exceed the allowed number of private messages (PMs), you will see an error page telling you that you must wait until you have been active on SoFurry for a time to ensure that your account is not a spam bot. After your account has been active for one week you may send as many private messages as you like.
  • Personal Messages (PMs) cannot contains links unless user who attempting to send a PM is registered at SoFurry for more than 1 week and have more than 30 PMs previously sent.