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SoFurry: Why we are doing this

We believe in the massive creative potential in the furry fandom, we are convinced that given the right environment, this creativity and potential can be honed, refined and improved. We believe that everyone has an audience - some small, some larger, but there's always an audience for whatever your creativity produces. Likewise, for every subject matter there's a source of inspiration, talents who offer up their work for your enjoyment. We believe that all types of creative content, be that drawings, stories, music, poetry or photography, is less valuable than another, and they all deserve the best possible presentation to your audience.

We're offering you a place that helps you overcome the distance between you and your fans, and between you and your new favorite artists, writers and musicians. If you're not satisfied with meager resolution images, limited song lengths, and lackluster presentation of your story that makes it disappear in a sea of digital art, if you have enough of the catch-22 of having to have an audience to gain more audience...

...SoFurry is the place for you!

SoFurry Wiki Overview

This Wiki is maintained by volunteers, both site mods/admins and users like yourself, to provide help and guidance on getting the most out of SoFurry. Please note that changes have to be approved before appearing to anonymous browsers. You do not need an account to view, but if you wish to edit, you will have to register separately here.

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