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Uploading content on SoFurry is a very simple affair and consists of just a single form.


Title: The title of your submission.

Main Submission This is the fullsize image you want viewers to see.

Custom Thumbnail: Optional submission thumbnail. Will be autogenerated if not set.

Print File: Optional high-res printable file, for future printing support.

Folder: Optional. Select a folder from the dropdown, or enter a new folder name.

Age rating: Sets which level of content this submission contains. Clean means worksafe, if in doubt set to the next higher age rating.

Submission Visibility: Defaults to public, group only means this submission is only visible in group pools you add it to, friends only means only your friends can see it, and private means nobody can see it. Note that the Access Management allows you to define additional users who can see individual submissions. So if you want to sell access to a submission, set it to private, and then use the Access Management to give out access to your customers!

Description: Optional. A short textual description. This can also contain a whole story for artwork submissions, if desired. Basic html and bbcode are supported.

Tags: Separate tags with commas. You must enter at least 2 tags to describe your submission. Adult submissions are furthermore required to contain at least one gender tag: Female, Male, Other, Herm, M/F, M/M, or similar are all acceptable gender tags. Note the field will auto-suggest tags as you start typing.

Fallback Uploader: This link uses an alternate uploader that doesn't use html5 for image uploads, and won't offer a WYSIWYG editor for story uploading. This is for users who have problems with the default uploader.

Publish: This puts your submission online!

Save as draft: Not ready for prime time yet? Save it as a draft submission. A link to a list of draft submissions will be shown on the upload page beneath the "art", "story" etc. selector icons.