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Note to other wiki contributors: This page is done as a Question and Answer session, but if that is not the best style for this wiki, the format can easily be changed.

This is a work in progress

So you want to upload some content?

Below is a handy guide where users new to the SoFurry website can learn how to use the website's provided submission tools to share their artwork, stories, music, or journals with the SoFurry community.

What button do I click to start uploading?

On the homepage (or on any of the browse pages for Art, Stories, Music, and Journals) underneath each content display box is a button that says "UPLOAD". This will take you to a listing of your submissions (if any) where you may edit them or click the "NEW" button to submit a new submission. Clicking this button will take you to a page where, depending on the type of submission selected, you can upload your media or copy and paste text into an editor where you can add formatting and other effects for organization and emphasis.

On this page you also can (and should) add appropriate tags to your submission (DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP) via the "basics" tab in the submission editor. Afterward you can manage some extra functions such as allowing comments/voting and making this a part of a story/submission series on the "options" tab. Finally on the "groups" tab you can preemptively add it to any appropriate community groups you have joined (example: checking the box next to "Dragon Males" for a drawing of Spyro the Dragon).

When you are done click "SAVE" and wait for your submission to be processed. After it has you will be redirected to your submission! It takes a few moments for new submissions to show up on the SoFurry homepage so please be patient, your creation will be visible to the masses very soon!

Oops, I goofed! What do I do now?

There are two ways you can go about editing a submission:

  1. Following the submission steps above after clicking "UPLOAD" you are taken to a list of your submissions. Clicking on one will let you edit it.
  2. When you are viewing any of your own submissions there is an eraser icon next to the title that says "+edit". Clicking it take you to the same page.

When editing your submission you are taken to the same submission box you saw when you were uploading or submitting your content except everything will be filled in with the information provided by you upon original submission. You may change any of this either through the various drop-down menus or by directly editing text in the input field.

If you would like to remove any tags from your submission clicking the "X" next to each tag will remove it from the submission.

Remember to click "SAVE" to save any changes you make!

How do I get on the Featured list?

The Featured category is managed by the SoFurry website staff and entries to the list are made at their discretion or at the discretion of anybody specifically appointed to manage the Featured list. "Featured" status is available for artwork, stories, or music of exceptional merit but the Journals category is reserved specifically for SoFurry-related news and content.