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SoFurry Groups

Groups on SoFurry are a way for users who share a common interest to get together. Most groups are organized by interest, so rather than having to watch all the artists that draw works that fall into your interest you can simply join the group and see relevant content when an artist posts new material.

What makes using groups much simpler is that they break the cycle of new or unknown artists not being seen because no one is following them. It also allows existing prominent artists to join SoFurry and post works that are relevant to your tastes and interests without you having to be aware that they have even joined SoFurry!

Every group on SoFurry has it's own galleries for artwork, stories, music, journals as well as having private forums and chat rooms.

Search For and Joining a Group on SoFurry

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The Top Groups Page

The image at the right shows a sample of the top groups page along with the steps discussed below.

  • Log in to Sofurry.
  • At the top of the header are a series of links titled SoFurry, Browse, Market, Groups, Chat and Forum. Click the Groups link. (1)
  • The page will display the most popular groups, the groups with the largest favorites in their gallery and a list of the recent forum activity.
  • Type in your search in the text box (2) and click the Search button (3).
  • Note: You can view the full list of all groups on SoFurry by clicking the List all groups button (4).
  • If you see a group that might interest you click on it's title to bring up the group overview page.
  • From the group over view page you can review it's profile, news, info, and members by clicking the links at the top left hand side of the page. (Not shown on the image.)
  • If you would like to join, simply click the paw print icon under your username at the top of the page. (Note: this link is a toggle style. If you would like to leave the group at a later time simply return to this page and click the link.)

Note: Some groups have membership requirements that are beyond the scope of this article. (You should be presented with a join page with membership requirements.) If you have any questions regarding how to join a group please contact the group owner or one of the group moderators.

Navigating Groups

  • Search - Search for groups based on your tastes, make sure to do this before creating a group
  • Create new group - Create a new group! confused? link to tutorial on group creation
  • Page listing - Browse the current selection of groups page by page
  • Group characteristics
    • Name - self explanatory
    • Description - what the group is about
    • Group Admin - who started this group
    • Members - current group size
    • Gallery size - Current number of SoFurry Images linked to this group