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/me [action]

/action [action]

Performs an action.

/hit [username] | [object]

/slap [username] | [object]

Hits a user with an object.

/pm [username] | [message]

/private [username] | [message]

/whisper [username] | [message]

Whisper to a user.


Set your status to "Be right back"



Set you status to "AFK"


Set your status to "Busy"


Sets your status back to "Online"

/contentlink [page id]

/pagelink [page id]

Links to a page on sofurry

/grouplink [group id]

Links to a group on sofurry

/forumlink [forum id]

Links to a forum on sofurry

/topiclink [thread id]

/threadlink [thread id]

Links to a forum thread on sofurry

/roomlink [room id]

Links to another chatroom on sofurry

/search [term]

/google [term]

Links to a google search

/youtube [youtube link]

Links to a youtube video

/ignore [username]

/ign [username]

/mute [username]

Ignore/mute a user so you don't see their messages.

/unignore [username]

/unign [username]

/unmute [username]

Unignore/unmute a user so you can see their chats again.

/announce [message]

Announces something in the current chatroom (admins/mods only)

/kick [username] | [reason]

/tempban [username] | [reason]

Kicks a user from the room.

/ban [username] | [ban length] | [reason]

/chatban [username] | [ban length] | [reason]

Bans a user from the room for a specified time.Times are specified as ":3d" for 3 days. Possible ban length modifier: m=minutes, h=hours, d=days, w=weeks, y=years So "/ban Testuser|:4w|Test reason" bans the user "Testuser" for 4 weeks.

/groupban [username] | [reason]

Bans a user from the current sofurry group.

/ageban [username] | [banlength]

Agebans a user so they cannot join until they're old enough.

/unban [username] | [reason]

Unbans a user.