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This article discusses the codes you can use to format your forum posts, PM's and the like. The table below lists the code type, a sample showing the code you would use on SoFurry and a sample output. See the annotations indicated at the bottom of this page for additional information.

Note: Currently some BBCs are not working properly in PM's or shouts. The coding team is working on the problem. See the notations for work arounds.


SoFurry Code



Plain text.

Plain text.














2[sup]2[/sup] = 4

22 = 4


H[sub]2[/sub]O is water

H2O is water


[Acronym="Stands For"]Acronym[/acronym]

Floating over the word Acronym will cause a tool tip reading "Stands For" to appear.1


[spoiler]The butler did it[/spoiler]

The text will appear as black blocks. To view the text the reader will have to highlight the text revealing the spoiler.1 & 2

Font Colors

[color=red]Red[/color] Text

RED Text3


The [font="fantasy"]fantasy[/font] font.

The fantasy font.4

Font Size

Size [size=0]0[/size][size=1]1[/size][size=2]2[/size][size=3]3[/size][size=4]4[/size][size=5]5[/size][size=6]6[/size][size=7]7[/size]

SF2.0FontSizeClip.png See5

Horizontal Rule


Line Break



Left Align

[left]Left Align[/left]

Left Align

Center Align

[center]Center Align[/center]

Center Align

Right Align

[right]Right Align[/right]

Right Align





[*] God
[*] Toumal
[*] Everyone else

SF2.0ListClip.png See5 & 8


Go [url=]google[/url] it!

Go google it!9 & 11

User Icon with name

Ask :iconPhantomgraph: he knows.

SF2.0IconUsernameClip.png See 5, 10 & 11

User Icon

Ask :Phantomgraphicon: he knows.

SF2.0UsernameIconClip.png See 5, 10 & 11

FurAffinity User Link

Ask fa!Phantomgraph he knows.

Ask FA: Phantomgraph he knows.9

Inkbunny User Link

Ask ib!Phantomgraph he knows.

Ask IB: Phantomgraph he knows.9


Did you see this? :link263072: True isn't it?

See 5 & 12

Email Link

Don't like this article? Email [email="]me[/email]!

Don't like this article? Email me!9 & 11

Wiki Link

Take a look at the [wiki="FAQ_2.0" title="F.A.Q."]!

Take a look at the F.A.Q.!2 & 11 - (use a link for now)


[quote name="Phantomgraph" date="Wed, Feb 22, 2012" url=""]Break this page and I'll break your face.[/quote]

SF2QuoteClip.png Name, Date and URL are optional.5, 6 & 11


[code]Use this [u]code[/u] to underline.[/code]

SF2.0CodeClip.png See5




Image with Thumbnail


Error creating thumbnail: File missing
See1,5 & 7

Youtube (Currently not available)


SF2.0YoutubeClip.png See 1 & 5 & 13


* The results are 'simulated' to look similar as they would on the SoFurry website.

1 Wikipages do not have this capability without scripting.

2 Functionality is not yet implemented on the SoFurry website.

3 HTML standard color names are supported. For a simple list of color names see the HTML color names entry on Wikipedia.

4 You should only use the generic font families as defined by the WC3.

5 What's displayed here is an image.

6 The header will appear as a link.

7 The first URL is the full sized image where the second is the smaller 'thumbnail' image.

8 You can specify the style of the bullets by using [list=type] circle - hollow circle bullet, square - square bullet, & 01 - Numbers

9 The links on the SoFurry website will not have the external link / email icon after them.

10 If the user name you wish to use this code for has a space in the name place it in the tag as normal AKA :iconFirst Last:

11 Named links or URLS should not have quotes (") so [url=""]Sofurry[/url] should be entered as [url=]Sofurry[/url]

12 If the submission linked is artwork, a thumbnail of the work will be displayed as in the example. If the submission is a journal, story or music the icon displayed will be one of the submitting users avatars.

13 This code is currently not working, please check back at a later date