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== Ad Dimensions ==
== Ad Dimensions ==
[[Image:SF_Ads.png|500px|thumb|right|alt=^.^|The 2 different dimensions of ads.]]
The following ad dimensions are supported:
The following ad dimensions are supported:

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Have a business or anything else you want to pitch to a wide audience? SoFurry ads can do that for your, and for a very reasonable price.

Permissible Content

Animated GIFs are allowed. Ads may contain any subject matter but we reserve the right to reject ads. Ads with adult visuals or promoting adult services or products will only be shown to adult users. Some ads may even only be shown to users with the "extreme" content level set.

Ad Dimensions

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The 2 different dimensions of ads.

The following ad dimensions are supported:

  • 300x90 (bottom area, two ads per page)
  • 728x90 (bottom area, one ad per page)

NOTE: 234x120 ads are no longer supported, they were used on the old site.

How to get your ad online

It's easy: Send me a link to the banner, and a link where you want visitors to be taken. That's all! If needed SF can host the ad graphics for you, but we prefer you to host your own images.

Managing your ads

SoFurry lets you manage your own ads! By becoming an advertiser you gain access to our ad management console, which lets you modify your ad image, change links, even switch banner format at your convenience! Plus you can track your (anonymized) ad view counts and click counts.

Privacy conditions

All ad contracts signed after January 10th 2014 will have to agree to the following: You may use banners hosted by you to gather anonymized statistics, impression counts, etc. You agree NOT to identify individual users and build profiles of individual user's habits and preferences. Furthermore, such user profiles may neither be gathered nor stored by you, or any service you use to process or serve ad images or links. If you use a third-party service to serve ad images or links, you have to verify that this service also does not violate the privacy of our users. To be specific, we are particularly concerned about services that sell personal profiles to prospective employers, such as Viglink and associated companies. In short: You may use statistics software to track your ad performance. You may store IP addresses and use cookies for statistics gathering, but you can not use these with the purpose of snooping on them. Likewise, you can not use a third-party service that is known to monetize the information they gather in a way that harms users and their future employment chances. Violation of these conditions will lead to a suspension of the ad until the violation stops and the collected data is deleted, with no refund. The privacy of our users is very important to us and we ask that you respect it as well.


For a limited time (depending on popularity and feedback we may make this permanent) our ad rates are lowered to the following:

USD 19.- per month, per banner Each addidional banner costs just an extra USD 9.- !

Interested? Contact Toumal