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What is the Active Tag Filter

The active tag filter (ATF) is a list of tags that when you're searching or browsing you won't see. This feature is mainly used to avoid the tags that you don't want to see in any situation.

How does the ATF work?

When you are browsing the site any submission with a tag that is on your ATF list is hidden from view. The results still will include the hidden submissions, you just won't see them.
If you search for a tag that is on your ATF list, the search will come back with results, just none of them will display.

If you're doing a search for a dragon playing a saxophone, yet you have "Smooth Jazz" on your ATF list, it won't show that commission.

How do I edit/view my ATF List?

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You are able to view your list my looking at your likes and dislikes tab in your profile.
Once in there you can click the edit my likes/dislikes.
You then are able to add or remove tags from your list, or browse for ones you don't want to see.
Simply click save and you'll be good to not see.

In the image to the right both Broccoli and Smooth Jazz will not be shown while browsing on in any searches.