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This is a a temporary page to list most of the questions we've been receiving about the latest AUP update.

If you have a question that you need addressed, feel free to submit a ticket.

We probably will be seeing quite a few tickets coming in, so our replies may be delayed.

When will these changes go into effect?

All new post will need to follow the updated AUP.

Any posts that have were posted before this update will have until July 1st to be brought up to the updated AUP.

How does the new underage/cub guidelines work?

Rather simple, it just depends on what you are posting.

  • Artwork
    • Cub artwork must be clean and able to fall under the All Ages content level.
    • Underage human/child artwork must be clean, with no nudity whatsoever, and able to fall under the All Ages content level.
  • Story
    • Cub stories can be sexual in nature, but must be rated as Extreme.
    • Underage human/child stories are not permitted.
  • Photos
    • As these are all RL pictures, no underage photos are allowed.