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The following settings let you customize the way the SoFurry forums are displayed.

  • Forum signature: This is a little message that appears below each post you make on the forums. It can contain HTML image tags along with A HREF's. The maximum length of this field is 255 characters including spaces. Protip: If you are including links or images in your signature use Tinyurl or even better is.gd to shorten up the URL's! If you are trying to make some special formatting (like different colours for each character) use a graphics package like Photoshop or Gimp and make a image of the text you want to display.
    There are a few rules you should abide by when making signatures:
    • Image banners or pictures in your signature area should be no taller than 100 pixels (the same height as an avatar) and no wider than 785 pixels (the same width as a forum post).
    • Animated gifs are allowed, but should be kept within the reasonable size limit of 2MB and abide by the avatar rule : the image should not flash or use rapidly changing colors out of courtesy.
    • Text should be kept to a maximum of six lines of text, where a blank line also counts as a line of text. However, if you have a banner then we would ask that you use less text to keep the over all height down.
    • Remember the golden rule of SoFurry: Don't be a dick. If a moderator asks you to alter your signature, remember they are asking you to do this for reasonable reasons, so please follow their requests. Failure to do so may lead to disciplinary action and a forced edit of your signature.
  • Forums displayed per page: Enter in the number of forums you want displayed on the forum list page. The default is -1 or all forums. Note: If you are a member of many groups on SoFurry, setting this number will help the pages load quicker.
  • Threads displayed per page: Enter in the number of threads you want displayed on each page of a forum your viewing. The default is 30. Setting this number to -1 will show all of the threads in the forum. (Not recommended!)
  • Posts displayed per page: Enter in the number of posts you want displayed on each page of a thread your reading. The default is 10. Setting this number to -1 means all of the posts will be displayed on one page. (Not recommended!)
  • Page to jump to on loading thread: (First, Last, First with unread posts) Selecting First will send you to the first post in the thread even if the thread is many pages long; Last does the same except to the last post of the thread. The final option, First with unread posts, will bring up the first page with a new post on it in the thread.